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Discover The NEW 21 Day Metabolism Hacking Eating Plan Based On Nobel Prize Winning Breakthrough 

…That’s Helped Thousands To Speed-Up Fat Burning, Breakthrough Plateaus & Keep A Healthy Lean Body … Long term

Discover The NEW 21 Day Metabolism Hacking Eating Plan Based On Nobel Prize Winning Breakthrough 

…That’s Helped Thousands To Speed Up Fat Burning, Break Through Plateaus & Keep A Healthy Lean Body … Long term
In this Masterclass you’ll learn how to use my Metabolic Hacking Method to supercharge the metabolism so it burns calories at high speed 24/7. At no cost to you. 

You can use this formula to achieve and maintain a healthy weight , even if diets and exercise plans have failed you, or you’ve been stuck in a plateau for years! In fact, this method works best in these cases.

Here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you in this incredible masterclass. 

  • The 4 Hidden Weight Loss Blockers

  • The 3 Best Foods For Lowering Insulin Levels. 

  • The Secret Technique That Alters The Speed Of Your Metabolism

  • The Metabolism Hacking Blueprint

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  • Address the 4 HIDDEN causes of weight gain so you can…

  • Turn OFF the body's fat making machine

  • Regain a high-speed metabolism

  • Control blood pressure & blood sugar

  • Improve energy & focus

  • Get back the figure & body shape you want

  • All while feasting on the best foods you’ve ever tasted! 

Introducing the Online Metabolism Hacking Masterclass all about how to naturally get to a lean, healthy weight in the fastest way possible. 

This is an amazing new online masterclass from Dr. Livingood who has walked thousands of his patients through how to speed up fat burning, break through plateaus, and keep a healthy lean body long term!

This comprehensive masterclass is packed full of 9 hours of no-fluff, actionable content that walks you step by step through the process of remapping the metabolism so it burns fat fast.

Here's a tiny sample of what you get in this INCREDIBLE Masterclass

So, let’s start with Day 1.

  • Discover the quickest way to rebalance the 3 major hormones that cause weight gain (By eating one morning superfood.)

  • My secret ‘rhythmic eating technique’ that allows you to alter the speed of your metabolism as easily as turning up the thermostat in your home. 

  • The 3 best foods for lowering insulin levels.

  • The easiest way to lower stress-causing cortisol, so weight loss becomes easy.

  •  The quickest way to get rid of bloat causing candida with a delicious daily drink.  

  • The 3 simplest ways to restore thyroid health, so it burns calories faster.

  • And LOTS more!

On Day 2:

  • You’ll discover how to make simple, almost invisible changes that "cancel out" the calories you eat and accelerate your natural weight-burning process. The result? Pounds melt away with every tick of the clock.

  • You’ll discover how to "program" your metabolism to burn up to 25 times more calories at rest. The result? You can eat MUCH more and never gain an ounce ... or eat just as you do now, and shed weight 24 hours a day--even while you're sleeping. This simple trick takes only 10 minutes a day.

  • If you absolutely hate jogging -I know I do! I'll show you how to get all the calorie burning benefits of jogging... without the jogging!

  • In fact, I’ll show you how to accelerate your results using the world's easiest exercise! Everyone can do it. And the results are astounding. One of my patients tried it and lost 55 pounds while eating whatever she wanted!

  • And much more!

On Day 3:

  • I’ll guide you through what to do AFTER you've hacked your metabolism *(this is the part most people miss!)

  • You’ll discover how to stop the dreaded weight loss rebound..

  • You’ll see why it's okay to have those "all-you-can-eat" days ... while you're trying to lose weight. For some people, this is the secret that catapults them to weight loss success. 

  • You’ll discover the secret of automatic portion control. If you're the type of eater who tends to "overindulge" at mealtime ... and then feel stuffed later, my 21 day Meal Plan is just perfect for you. It helps "signal" your brain to stop overeating. So, you'll eat much less-and never go hungry. It even helps you avoid snacking between meals.

  • And so much more!
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