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Available For A Limited Time Only

Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi (Pumpkin Spice)

Formulated By Dr. Livingood To Support Healthy Hormones & Weight Management 

The ONLY collagen drink specially designed to help you burn away belly fat… Which is the biggest cause of estrogen dominance in women over 40. Best of all, Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi comes from non-GMO, grass-fed cows right here in the USA.

Collagen + Multi Features

  • Healthy Weight-Loss Support With Glucomannan

  • Liver Detoxifier With Milk Thistle

  • Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails Support With Collagen & Biotin

  • ​​Healthy Brain Function With B-Vitamin

  • ​+ A Full Multi-Vitamin In Every Scoop
Order Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi (Pumpkin Spice)

Available For A Limited Time Only

Pure Potency & Responsibly Sourced

Product Details

Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi is a quick & easy way to get an ultra-clean source of protein and essential vitamins & minerals your body needs! Livingood Daily Collagen is a premium-quality collagen protein formulated to enhance your digestive health. It contains a full multi-vitamin in every scoop along with powerful ingredients like glucomannan and milk thistle to support healthy estrogen level and to help with liver detoxification.†

"I love using this Monday through Friday and making one for breakfast and one for lunch. The protein, along with my favorite ingredients keeps me content and full all the way to dinner! This has been such a game changer for my health and my budget as well as Im not spending money on lunch out everyday. Plus, it's delicious!" - Sarah. Livingood Daily Customer

High-Quality Ingredients

Unlike many collagen or bone broth protein powders on the market, not only does Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi support a plethora of high-quality ingredients that address health concerns like weight-loss and gut health, it also smells and taste delicious too! Many say it smells like cookies.

Core Ingredients Include:

  • Glucomannan A 2005 study found that glucomannan helped people who were overweight to reduce their body weight.†

  • Collagen Improve skin health, wrinkles and dryness. Collagen also supports muscle mass, healthy bones and aids in the relief of joint pain.†

  • Biotin Biotin can reduce the occurrence of a variety of skin problems including rashes, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and overall itchiness.†

  • B-Vitamins Have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Vitamin B complex supports immune health.†

  • ​Milk Thistle The active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radical production. Studies have shown that Milk Thistle is a great herb to use when it comes to supporting liver health and detoxification.†

Order Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi (Pumpkin Spice)

Livingood Daily Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

 What type of collagen is used?

Livingood Daily Collagen features hydrolyzed Collagen peptides for better absorption and to increase the body’s production of type I and type III collagen. It is sourced from Non-GMO, Grass-Fed Cows in the USA.

  What is the difference between collagen and bone broth?

Bone broth contains collagen from one source, either chicken or beef bone broth. Livingood Daily Collagen contains type 1 & 3 collagen along with 17 vitamins and minerals including a great source of energizing B vitamins, zinc, selenium, calcium, vitamin c and biotin.

 Does this break my intermittent/rotational fast?

Depending on your specific health goals Livingood Daily Collagen can be taken during a fast for it only contains 52 calories, 2g carbs, and 0g sugar, so it will not spike insulin levels.

 Does this product fit my dietary needs/restrictions?

Livingood Daily Collagen is Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Anti-Inflammatory and our collagen is created in a FDA and GMP approved facility in the US. It is then 3rd party tested for heavy metals, gluten, pesticides, herbicides, and BPA to ensure quality.

 Whats in the natural flavors of this product?

Livingood Daily Collagen is sweetened with monk fruit for being shown to be easier on the digestive tract and is flavored with natural vanilla bean.

Order Livingood Daily Collagen + Multi (Pumpkin Spice)

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